This summer, will you be working on your tan or your laptop?

As jobs seem to be becoming ever more stressful and expectations higher, more people are working longer hours for sustained periods of time. A large proportion of people who struggle to maintain a good life/ work balance are business owners who struggle to switch off, even when they take vacations abroad.

Do you struggle to detach from work during a vacation?

In a study commissioned by Fasthosts title The ‘Business Owner Vacation Study’ a survey of 756 UK small firms found that many owners are too worried by work concerns to relax. Some shocking statistics were raised which highlight some of the difficulties including:

  • Two thirds of business owners report that their holidays have been negatively impacted by their work
  • 42% report that they have been too worried about work to relax and enjoy their holiday
  • 32% regularly perform work-related tasks such as calls and emails whilst they are away
  • 18% of owners admit that they have argued with partners or family as a result of handling work whilst on holiday

Can you identify with any of these? If so, there are ways you can try to alleviate these problems.

Re-visit the technology your company uses

To avoid unnecessary complications and stress while on holiday you should audit (either internally or outsource) how your systems and workflows function when working remotely. Then, if you feel like you really can’t switch of entirely and need to keep a handle on things, you can log on periodically to check how things are running.

New technology means that you can explore options that you may not have considered previously. Hosted options can be introduced in conjunction with on premise solutions that you already have allowing remote access from anywhere and allowing business owners to retain control and sight of activity while on holiday and in turn enjoy it more.

Some suggestions are:

  • Email Solutions– Share files and your calendar with employees, customers and suppliers
  • Set up online storage and data transfer solutions for accessing and sharing  business materials
  • Add an online shop to your business website with an automated payment service

Above all, remember that we need holidays to give our minds and bodies time to recover so that we can function optimally again.  So, difficult as it may seem to distance yourself from day to day activity you’ll business will ultimately reap the rewards.

If you’d like to discuss the current solutions you have in place and see how we can help tailor our products to your needs, helping you to manage your business effectively, get in touch!

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