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Is Your Head a Password Mess?

Most people have dozens of online accounts to log in to during the day. Whether it’s internal business systems, company intranet, mobile email, Google Analytics or social media accounts, remembering passwords can turn your productive brain to porridge.

We often don’t realise how distracting logging into websites and control panels can be. It might seem trivial for a business but with employees often using more than 10 accounts per day, the chances of frustration and interruptions to work are higher than ever.

Fortunately, there are safe, effective and free solutions available to solve this headache and improve your productivity.


LastPass lets you use some incredibly long passwords without having to type them in every time. Free to download, it can be installed on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, and automatically logs, stores, and fills in password forms for you, which can help get your productivity up.


This mobile security app lets you manage and store your passwords, and includes online backup if you want it.  The free version provides you with protection against hackers, auto-generates passwords, automatically launches websites and gives you unlimited storage space.

The DIY option

In a perfect world we’d all create long, complicated passwords for every website we use. The problem is that we don’t. Complex passwords are impossible for anyone to remember so we use words we’re familiar with. But a password that’s easy to remember is also easy for an attacker to guess. Using a tool or a DIY option can free up time, helping you work better online and be more productive.

Passwords that are too hard to remember don’t always help either. People write them down or save them electronically, have to reset them regularly, or reuse the same password across all their accounts. And if users are forced to change their password regularly, they usually get around the system by only changing a single letter or number.

So what’s the answer?

The security experts at Mozilla recommend that we create our passwords by choosing the first letters from a phrase. This is just as hard to crack as a randomly generated password and just as easy to remember as a familiar word. Then we should choose a symbol for the beginning and end, and perhaps some numbers to go with it. We could also make it slightly more unique by adding a kind of code for each website we use, like “FbK” or “LkdN” for Facebook and LinkedIn.

So to help you work better online, check out some of those password keepers and make a phrase your friend. Pass the word.

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