We are Bluebox: January 2015, Website of the Month

The winner of this month’s website of the month is: We are bluebox!

With slick, bold carousels, great typography and intuitive navigation- bluebox’s website is particularly user friendly! Find out how bluebox designed their website and what influenced their key decisions. Read on to see how you could improve your online shop fronts too!

Tell us a bit about your company…

bluebox was formally constituted as a company in 2005, so 2015 is a big year for us as we are celebrating our tenth year in business. In that time we have grown from a single person outfit to a major agency with 11 staff and a number of strategic Associate alliances. We aim to offer a one-stop shop for clients in terms of website design, software development and digital marketing services.

We work with varying sized clients, many having grown alongside us and with a mix of business types- our client list is pretty evenly split between business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). We’re a growing agency so it’s important that we have a clear idea of where we want to get to. We have a written strategic plan and this sets out some challenging targets for ourselves – not least becoming the leading digital agency in the West Midlands.”

Your website’s design is very striking; what made you choose to code your own site rather than using standard templates?

“As advocates of developing bespoke websites for our clients it was a natural choice to do the same for our own site. There’s never a 100% match between your needs and what a standard template can provide.

Coding from the ground up allows us to showcase unique creative and functionality – a key factor when distinguishing us from competitors.  Plus, it works out more cost effective as we don’t spend time trying to coax the template to do something that it wasn’t designed to do”

What was the design process you followed? Is this similar to the process you follow for clients?

“As a busy agency, working on your own website is pretty far down the list of priorities, so we definitely didn’t give it the attention we do our clients’ websites. This version was also part of a larger rebranding strategy – it was an emotional time to say the least!”

“For us, the main aim is to generate sales enquiries and showcase the quality of work we deliver so that drove everything from there on in.”

“Our in-house designer opted for a clean uncluttered design with plenty of white space and large over-sized banner imagery which showcases our creative flexibility. We coupled this with a focus on our portfolio and the results we have achieved for our clients.”

“Other key design motifs were clear CTAs on every page. For us that meant a link to the enquiry form on every page, as well as our phone number being clearly visible and showcasing our blogging to encourage engagement with visitors”

“The bespoke nature of the development is an accurate representation of our core values and it’s heartening to be featured on your website after the long nights!”

Did you use any Analytics data to help design the structure of pages?

“As an iterative process the website evolves over time and we will always analyse results and make refinements. We regularly use Analytics data to shape the ongoing development and content of our website. For instance, using Analytics we found that little by way of organic search traffic was landing on key areas of the website and developed a strategy to add additional services content. The results of adding this additional content have been impressive. We increased the amount of organic traffic landing on services pages by over 900%!”

“Analytics also highlighted that the portfolio section of the website was one of the most viewed sections so we decided to bolster the content by adding further case studies, including examples of websites in the pipeline as well as those already launched.”

Have Fasthosts services helped you to achieve your success?

“We are a reseller with Fasthosts which means a lot to us. We employ a number of Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s) and newer Cloud servers. Fasthosts offer an unmanaged service and that suits us down to the ground as we have the technical ability to self-manage. This is bolstered by the UK-based support and an excellent UK- based account manager. We can’t praise the sales and support teams highly enough for their timely assistance when needed.”

“As we have grown, so has our relationship with Fasthosts. There were a number of reasons that we initially chose Fasthosts but a combination of quality of service and price were the deciding factors. The reason we have stayed is simple, we need to offer an excellent service to our clients, and we can do that with Fasthosts. The price has remained very competitive plus we get a reseller discount through our Account Manager. The whole experience from sales through to support is excellent. We have had issues, but that’s the nature of the game. How those issues have been dealt with is exemplary and makes Fasthosts standout from the crowd.”

For more information about We are bluebox and to see their full website visit http://www.wearebluebox.com

If you’d like to be considered for next month’s website of the month, add a link to your website in the comments section before 23rd January 2015 and tell us why you think your website is a great online portal for you and reflective of the user experience!

Good Luck!

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