Oakley Interior Solutions: November 2014, Website of the Month

The winner of this month’s website of the month is Oakley Interior Solutions!

We love their bold, clean design and simple navigation. Read on to find out how Mark A Jenkins, Freelance Web Designer & Developer built Oakley Interior Solution’s website and made some of their key decisions. We hope that by sharing best practice and high standards of work we can help other companies to improve their online shop fronts too!

Tell us a little bit about your company…

“Oakley Interior Solutions provide quality interior fit-out to all types of commercial and retail premises. With over 25 years of experience within food, beverage and fashion industries, our competitive pricing policy results in repeat business from many clients who seek personal service, innovation, expertise and the high levels of commitment we’re renowned for. We also pride ourselves in completing on time and on budget and believe our reputation to be second to none. Our aim is to work with clients to understand their requirements and to exceed expectations, which helps to differentiate Oakley from our competitors.”

The high street has changed considerably and e-commerce has completely changed the face of retail. How has Oakley Interiors adapted to the changes?

“Oakley wanted to create a website where the content was clear and could be easily updated internally once the website was live. I have worked with many CMS [content management systems] and feel that WordPress [WP] is the best for non-technical minded people to quickly get the hang of and use. Another reason for choosing WP is that it is well established now and has a wealth of professional themes and plugins to utilise which facilitates rapid website development”

How easy was it to add WordPress to your hosting package and get the site live?

“The one click installer makes it very easy and saves the developer time and effort installing WP manually. It’s the ideal option for non-techie people as they don’t have to delve into the nitty gritty on installation and configuration and there’s less chance of getting it wrong and the install going pear shaped.”

Can you tell us a little more about the themes available and why you would recommend them?

“I like to use a theme & development framework called WooThemes which provides a great degree of flexibility, customisation and is future proof. You can also write custom hooks (code) that give you even more power and control over the design/build. I also used the Canvas theme [for Oakley Interior Solutions website] as it provided the greatest flexibility and it’s responsive which means that the design will scale to fit all browsers on mobile devices (phones, tablets etc).It was also important to present case studies for recent projects on the website and the Canvas theme provided a Portfolio style set of pages that allowed us to do this.”

Is this the first site created for Oakley Interiors or a further version?

“Yes, this is the first version of the site, but I have applied a few updates. I just updated some photos and added a new Case Study to the Portfolio and is really so simple, anyone can use it. At present we’re all really happy with the way the site is running in its current state. In the future we’re hoping to work towards the inclusion of social media marketing and also include a blog on the site.”

For more information about Oakley Interior Solutions and to see their full website visit www.oakleyinteriorsolutions.com

If you’d like to be considered for next month’s website of the month, add a link to your website in the comments section before 12th December 2014 and tell us why you think your website is a great online portal for you and reflective of the user experience!

Good Luck!

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