.UK; the new shorter, sharper domain

The new .uk extension is the shorter, more modern and dynamic domain for UK customers and it’s available now. It’s the newest member of the UK domains family and at just £5.99pa from Fasthosts, this is a great opportunity to add it to your portfolio and build your online presence.

If you’d like to make the switch and become one of the early adopters, its simple, just look for the domain you’d like to purchase using our online domain checker.

There are three possible outcomes to your search query

  1. Reserved – This result will be displayed if someone has registered the equivalent,,, or domain before the 10th June 2014. Only these particular customers can purchase this domain.
  2. Available – This result will be displayed if someone has not registered the equivalent,,, or domain before the 10th June 2014. Anyone can register this domain.
  3. Registered – This result will be displayed if the chosen domain has already been registered or is on Nominet’s premium domain list. Unfortunately this domain is no longer available

If you have the .uk reserved for you, this can be ordered from your control panel, but it can only be from the same account that your equivalent (etc.) is held in. Nominet check that you are the correct person ordering it by validating through your contact details, which must match exactly with the information held on Nominet’s WhoIs database.

Any customers who have the equivalent registered with another domain name provider, can order the .UK through the provider of their choice, as long as they use the same contact details that they registered their domain with. Validation will be sent to the customer from Nominet via email.

Quick .UK Facts

  • If you already own a,,, or then the equivalent of this domain will be reserved for you to register
  • If two or more people have the equivalent and then the owner will get the rights to the domain
  • You must have a valid UK address which does not include a PO Box to order a .uk domain
  • All existing second level UK domains i.e.,,, or will continue to function as normal and can still be purchased, transferred in and out etc.
  • New reservation rights cease on June 10th so if you order a new domain after this date you will not get the equivalent .uk reserved for you
  • Domain credits are not redeemable against .uk domains

Make the switch today and re-establish your national identity as a trendsetter in digital adoption. Check to see if your .uk domain is available today

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