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Squeeze even more from the cloud

Earlier this year we looked at some of the possibilities for configuring your servers on our new CloudNX platform. But before you even get to that stage, you might be asking what you can actually do with a cloud infrastructure. The answer is, an awful lot. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways CloudNX can be applied to achieving your goals.


Most obviously, you can host your websites in the cloud. Whether you’re building simple static sites or a more complex web presence, CloudNX is the ideal platform to ensure top levels of performance and availability. Scalable cloud servers make it easy to expand the content of your sites and cope with fluctuating traffic on demand.

cloudnx-application-icon-2IT infrastructure

Your business IT systems can flourish on a cloud platform. CloudNX offers a highly secure IT infrastructure for your enterprise software, with a range of options for VPN, private networks and firewalls. With pay-as-you-use pricing, you can get started in the cloud with no upfront costs, clear planning and simple budget management.


For providers of software-as-a-service, CloudNX offers the opportunity to size per-client server instances with highly scalable virtual machines. With the flexibility of the cloud, you can fine-tune your application and tailor user experience to the specific needs of your customers. As user requirements change over time, your SaaS solution can be scaled to deliver an exceptional on-demand service.


Developing a mobile app? Build it for Android, iOS and other platforms with a cloud service that scales reliably as your app user base grows. Use CloudNX to grow your infrastructure and meet the needs of your mobile users, with multiple servers, databases, shared storage and more.

cloudnx-application-icon-5Retail and eCommerce

Whatever you’re selling, CloudNX provides the perfect environment for your online shop. As demand rises and falls with seasonal events and sales, it’s simple to scale your servers accordingly and only pay for the performance you need. Quickly deploy popular eCommerce apps like Magento and ensure the safety of your online transactions with all-inclusive security features.

cloudnx-application-icon-8Data and media storage

The cloud is the ideal place for graphics rendering, video transcoding and distribution, and storing various types of media. Use CloudNX to create a flexible server infrastructure, with 100% SSD storage making it quick and easy to access and manage your data.

cloudnx-application-icon-7Content management systems

When it comes to hosting widely-used CMS apps such as WordPress and Drupal, a cloud solution is perfect. CloudNX allows you to install your app of choice in a few clicks, and bring your website or online shop to life as quickly as possible.


The flexibility of the cloud makes it a great match for gaming. With CloudNX you can create high-performance game servers to support a wide range of popular titles, scale up or down to meet the needs of your players, and shut down your environment whenever you need to.

These are only some of the ways you can use our cloud platform. Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration, but remember that this is by no means an exhaustive list! Ultimately the cloud is yours to shape however you see fit. For more on the features and opportunities offered by CloudNX, visit the Fasthosts website.

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