London boroughs back the dot London domain

New data from Fasthosts and 1&1, finds the city of Westminster applied for and was awarded 14% of domain names, the most dot London domains out of all 33 of the London boroughs! The city of Westminster is home to London’s West End, its infamous shopping on Oxford Street, Soho nightlife and tourist attractions such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Its next closest competition was actually the London Borough of Camden, known for its bustling markets, with just 7.2% of domain names awarded and the London Borough of Islington which had a 6.9% share of .London domains Priority Period Registrations. Interestingly these all beat competition from larger boroughs such as Bromley and Barnet and even the more tech centric boroughs such as hackney, which only placed 12th with 3.4%!

The dot London domain’s popularity has been accredited to many factors. Simon Barlow IT manager for Headmasters Salons said that their decision to apply for a dot London domain was based on the “hope that the new domain name will increase brand awareness and drive visitor traffic to our corporate website” with influential factors being:

  1. Enabling them to market to London salons using headmasters.london
  2. Securing another top level domain for the brand
  3. Making sure that no one else can secure the domain name

Since the launch of the new .London Domains, over 35,000 Londoners have registered the new domain extension for the capital. Available at £19.99, first year, you too can join this growing community and with a renewal price of just £24.99, Fasthosts are the cheapest in the market! Register your domain now, by visiting www.fasthosts.london

Or, if you have already registered a new .London domain, we’d love to hear from you! Share your new domain and how you plan to use it in the comments section below!

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