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Server Outage Update

On the afternoon of Friday 12th August, approximately 2% of sites on our legacy Linux hosting platform suffered an outage due to a serious hardware failure.

The solution

The incident was identified at 2pm on Friday, as site performance for approximately 2% of our legacy Linux hosting customers was observed to be degrading.  Following diagnosis of hardware failure on one of our host servers, affected components were replaced and the data was checked for corruption, a process that takes several hours due to the volume of data and number of files.

Further hardware issues were observed over the course of Saturday 13th and the decision to migrate the affected sites off the affected host was taken. Again due to the volume of data and files, this process took approximately 24 hours (due to being a legacy system, data verification and restore can take a longer period of time). All sites completed migration by 7.20am on Monday 15th August.


All sites are back online and the issue has been resolved. We apologise to customers who were affected and hope that this provides some understanding into the issues encountered and how our engineers worked solidly over the weekend to resolve it.

While this issue has been fully resolved, if you are experiencing difficulties with any Fasthosts products or services, please check our current status online, or contact us on 0333 0142 700. We’re available 24/7 to help you.

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