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Will Twitter be the future of customer support?

How many times in the last year have you used a social networking site to contact a company? How did you find the experience? It seems an ever increasing number of consumers are taking to the world of social media to reach out to the brands they are purchasing from.

The growth of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook has been well documented. It has led to dramatic changes in the way businesses of all shapes and sizes are marketing their products and services.

“We’re really intrigued to find out how social media sites have affected your relationship with your customers.”

It has also led to a change in the way we access support from businesses which in turn is changing the expectations of the consumer. A significant reason why social media is so popular is due to the free, real time interactions with friends and family. Over the past few years it has led to people expect the same real time interactions with brands.

Fasthosts have been offering customer support via Twitter for over 18 months and we believe it has led to quicker, more engaged conversations that often go beyond just the support request. We’ve found that it is a great platform for people looking for a quick answer to a question that is not extremely account specific and a good way to get an update on an open ticket.

From our point of view we benefit from helping keep the support queue quieter and you don’t have to go to the hassle of ringing us up for an answer to a quick enquiry that can be resolved or answered in a few tweets. That being said we still love to give you the option of speaking to a person over the phone.

We’re really intrigued to find out how social media sites have affected your relationship with your customers.

  • Are social networking sites the future of customer support?

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