How To Use Twitter For B2B Marketing

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks and can be an invaluable tool for B2B marketing. Not only is Twitter a fantastic platform for communicating with potential clients it is also a great source to help your search engine optimisation.

Firstly, you will need to create Twitter lists, both public and private, that organise your objectives. To create a Twitter list you will need to login to your account. Click on the “Home” link at the top of the page. Select “Lists” which should be under the “What’s Happening?” box. Choose “Create a list” from the drop down menu, fill out the details and “Save list”.

Build Industry Contacts

Start creating lists of Twitter users that are involved with or own a website that you would like a link from. That might include webmasters, journalists, bloggers, or editors. Now that you’ve created a list of these people you can track only what they are tweeting which helps you filter out all the tweets from other people you are following.

Keep an eye out for any tweets that you can get links from. Have they just written a blog post that you could write a follow up to? For example if you were to write an article about How to Use Twitter for B2C Marketing it would be of interest to the Fasthosts Blog as it is a related article that would provide value to our readers. You could then email us ( and let us know about your blog article and we may link to it. This link then increases your search engine ranking strength.

You can also use the Twitter list to build a relationship with those on the list with the hope of pitching for a direct link from them or guest writing for them.

Network at Events

More and more events are using live Twitter streams, displayed on monitors, to build a buzz about their show. Whenever you are next attending an event make sure you check out the event website to see if they have an official hashtag and check out who the attendees/speakers are.

Make a list of Twitter of event attendees after tracking down those using the hashtag. Join in the conversation before, during and after the event and start using your networking skills to create sales leads, and link building opportunities. At the very least you are likely to increase your twitter followers.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is a great way of getting high quality inbound links. Keep an eye out on Twitter for anyone mentioning “write for us”, “guest blog” or “guest article”. Follow up on any leads that you think could be of value make sure that you check out the Page Rank of the website that is asking for guest articles.

Create and Use Your Hashtag

Many B2B companies are selling products that are very specific. The target audience for these products are often few in numbers but more engaged. So whenever you tweet, about industry specific content, ensure that you include your own unique hashtag. Whenever we make a tweet about an article on the Fasthosts Blog we add the tag “#fhblog”. Anyone who notices a tweet of ours that they like can then click our hashtag to find other tweets with similar great content. So when a twitter who is interested in your unique B2B product/service finds your tweet they can easily access more information you have to offer and start following your updates.

Twitter can be an extremely useful B2B marketing tool for sales leads, communication, brand monitoring and seo. Implement the above tips to take advantage of the opportunities this social media site can open up for your business.

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