Top 250 Internet Retailers

Top 250 Internet Retailers on Social Media

As more and more brands begin to use social media to connect with consumers, the competition for attention is increasing dramatically. Brands will always go to where the potential customers are, and right now that means social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are in going through a fundamental shift in the way businesses communicate with their audience. Seeing fewer and fewer advertising methods that “shouts at” us and rather more advertising methods that “talk to” us. This in my opinion is a good thing as it puts greater power in the hands of the consumer whilst giving businesses a far better way of measuring their advertising success. With a chance to listen to the consumer this ultimately leads to an improved end product.

So how are the top internet retailers performing on social media?

Thanks to the team at Campalyst, who have recently created the infographic below, we can find out:

Click image for full size version.

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