Time to Get Your Business Involved in Social Media

If your small or medium sized business is not yet taking advantage of the marketing opportunities available via social media sites then it’s time to get started. You need to find out where your audience are spending their time online and how to engage with them.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you on your way to social media success.

Step 1 – Where are my customers?


So firstly we need to find potential customers. Pick 5 keywords that you think someone may use when searching for your website. For Fasthosts this would be; web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual servers, resellers, domain names.

We then take each keyword and do the following searches in Google:

  • “Keyword” social network intitle:list
  • “Keyword” community
  • “Keyword” community intitle:list
  • “Keyword” forum
  • “Keyword” forum intitle:list
  • “Keyword” messageboard
  • “Keyword” messageboard intitle:list
  • “Keyword” “post reply”
  • “Keyword” social news

We can also search Google for potential customers on Twitter and Facebook. This time pick keywords that describe your target audience (B2B Company, Reseller, Start-up, SME).

We then take each keyword and do the following searches in Google:

“SME” twitter “list OR users”    (again replace “SME” with your keyword)

  • “Keyword” “on twitter”
  • “Keyword” twitter “to follow”
  • “Keyword” “on facebook”


Step 2 – Lets Get Talking!


So we’ve found some Twitter and Facebook users that could be your future customers and some Blogs and Forums that could contain potential customers. We now need to start communicating with them. Let them know your there but don’t go with a hard sale approach. Build up you relationships with other users, answer their questions and respond to what they are saying.

There are a number of social media clients to help with your Twitter and Facebook management. One of the most popular is TweetDeck, which allows you to monitor all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn activities from one dashboard.

It is always a good idea to check out case studies of how others have used social media sites to successfully promote their business. Our post Learn From The Best provides more information on good case studies.


Step 3 – Just Keep Swimming


There is a lot of competition on social media sites, every man and his dog is advertising their business. It is important to remember to keep at it, social media sites are going to be around for some considerable time yet and now is the time to get your business involved. It takes months to build up your profile of these sites but don’t give-up. Keep at it because you will see the rewards from your efforts.

I suggest monitoring your success from the very beginning of your social media activity. Use URL shorteners such as Bit.ly to track how many clicks your links are getting. We use URL shorteners on 99% of the links we put in Tweets, Blog Comments, Forums, Facebook Page buttons, Blog Posts etc.

Social media is about sharing content, personal opinions, insights and general discussion. Whenever you’re looking to promote your business via social media remember to put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re communicating with. Don’t bombard people with your latest product release or offer, think about what adds value to them and share/talk about that.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to social media success and if you have any questions please leave a comment below or drop us a Tweet @fasthosts and add the hashtag #fhblog.

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