The Dark Knight Rises to Twitterers Attention

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy continues to impress with another brilliant viral marketing campaign. The Dark Knight Rises is due to be released on July 20th, 2012 and on Friday the website for the film was launched. When you visit you’re presented with a completely black screen that is accompanied by a soundtrack. The track baffled early visitors to the site but one enthusiastic Batman fan soon figured out the hidden message. Using an audio programme, “Riskproduction”, a member of the SuperHeroHype forum, found that the audio spelled out the Twitter hashtag #thefirerises


“Riskproduction” was then led to the @TheFireRises Twitter account, a mysterious profile that featured several tweets with a link to 

The site displays an image of the villain, Bane, played by actor Tom Hardy. Yet this image is special as it is composed from Twitterers who have shared the site on Twitter by clicking the “Add Me” button in the top left corner.


As a marketing campaign it is a very clever and engaging stunt. They have managed to give their fans just enough information to intrigue them, to follow the journey of discovery and be rewarded at the end. The really clever part is the viral aspect of the campaign. Giving your fans a reason to share their discovery can be difficult but creating a collage of engaged Twitterers, to reveal an image of Bane, has been very effective. The @TheFireRises Twitter account now has over 10,600 followers since it was created on May 19th.

The Batman trilogy has built up a strong following and it is easy to see why with this recent campaign. The only concern is; have they started too early? The movie is still over a year away. It will be very interesting to keep an eye on their marketing strategy, we can only expect many more fantastic advertisements in the future from the Batman team.

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