Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Increase Sales

Social Media Sales

Is your company using social media yet? If not then you are really missing out on new customers, increasing brand awareness and being able to showcase your great levels of support.

Social media is growing at such a rapid rate it is now a vital part of many companies marketing and support efforts. There are many stats on the increase in social media users, here is a great video on the social media revolution to provide you with all the social media numbers you want to know.

More and more of your potential customers are using social media and it’s no longer an option to ignore the increasing presence that social media is having. Your potential and current customers are talking about your business on Twitter and Facebook and whether you like it or not, there is nothing you can do about that. However, you can join them and help them. If someone having problems with your product and complaining about it in a tweet then talk to them, tweet them back and show that you care.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be using social media:

Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is all about communication and sharing information and is a fantastic channel to increase brand awareness. When your customers say something positive about your company on Twitter or Facebook all of their followers and friends will see it. Word of mouth advertising is far more effective than any other type of advertising and having a customer talk positively of your business will give you exposure to hundreds and sometimes thousands of followers.

Increase Sales Leads

Right now there could be a potential customer just waiting for you to find them and sell them your fantastic new product. Every day there are people on Twitter announcing they need a new bike, more web hosting or a business card designed. You can use twitter to search for these tweets and connect with these new sales leads.

Improve Company Reputation

Here at Fasthosts we have been working hard to further improve our reputation and provide customers with the products and services they want. People are always more vocal about bad experiences with a company and will express their comments through social media. We’ve found that if we respond to them on Twitter and Facebook; listen to what they are saying and resolve their issue then the customers will take the time to thank us and tweet positively about us.

Find/Create Brand Advocates

As previously mentioned people will talk positively of your company provided you treat them well. If you do this enough you can create brand advocates through social media. These are people that often talk enthusiastically about your brand and re-tweet your messages. Remember to always thank them and if possible give them added bonuses or special discounts as a gesture of your gratitude. At Fasthosts we always try to help customers, you can write a guest post for our blog and we’ll link back to your website and share it on social media. Sometimes we’ll ask for case studies from customers and we’ll always do our best to give willing customers promotion for their article.

Improved Customer Support

Social media provides you with an alternative route to support customers. We provide support via Twitter from 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday so that customers can get an update on a support ticket (through a private direct message) or ask us a general question about a product/service. Our customers have found our Twitter support to be very effective and we hope to build on it for the future. If you want to follow us or send us a tweet we are @fasthosts.

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