How is Your Business Incorporating Social Media?

The social media boom in the last few years has been phenomenal. It has opened up new ways to communicate with consumers on a much more targeted and personal level. Fasthosts have been on Twitter for over a year now and have found it an invaluable tool to provide support to our customers whilst also giving news, system updates, product offers and more to our followers.

Following our positive Twitter experience we decided to launch a Facebook page. Again we provide support, company updates, blog articles and status updates through our Facebook page. These social media networks have allowed us to communicate and reach customers in a much more interactive and personal way.

This infographic takes a look at the Fortune Global 100 companies’ use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs to promote their brands.

How is your brand incorporating social media into your business activities?

Below are 4 companies who provide a great example of how to use social media well…


It’s hard to imagine a YouTube user who hasn’t heard of the “Will It Blend” videos. The campaign went viral as the CEO of Blendtech, Tom Dickson, attempts to blend different objects in the blender.

Top Tip – Social media marketing thrives when a creative, simple idea catches the attention of the masses. Remember it doesn’t need  to cost a lot of money providing the content is engaging, on social media engaging content generally falls into two categories – funny and/or unique.


Starbucks is a major brand who have really immersed themselves in social media and to great effect. There recent campaigns have been well advertised but one campaign they did a few years ago called “My Starbucks Idea” was key to the development of the company. They created a site which allowed users to submit suggestions that the Starbucks consumers could vote on.

Top Tip – Ask you customers what they want, rather than scratching your head wondering what products or services to offer your customers. Give your consumers what they want and, naturally, they will recommend your services via social media.

Sun Microsystems

“Transparency” is a popular buzz word within businesses. Sun Microsystems is a brilliant example of how to achieve transparency. Jonathan Schwartz’s was the CEO of the company and through his blog he regularly posted articles about the company and was totally open about the good and the bad. This openness fed down through the company and help give Sun Microsystems a positive reputation.

Top Tip – Social media provides you with a great platform to be honest and open with your customers. It is better to be transparent about your faults so that you can showcase your response to issues your company face. People will be much more respectful of your business if you are willing to hold your hands up for your own faults, and show you have identified them and are working to improve on those faults.

Rickshaw Bagworks

Engaging with customers on social media on a regular basis can be a difficult task. How will you keep followers interest? Bags may not seem like the most exciting product to follow on social media but that hasn’t stopped Rickshaw Bagworks integrating social media in a fun and unique way. Rickshaw is a built-to-order bag maker based in San Francisco that markets bags that have just come off the production line by taking a photo of the customer’s order and sharing it with their Twitter followers.

Top Tip – Think of imaginative ways of sharing your business experience with customers at every level of production. This will help make the consumer feel like part of the process, help with transparency and may also result in some top feedback.

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