Facebook is Watching You

In a recent article by Cityam.com they report that Facebook are about to start launching a wave of highly targeted adverts. With the amount of personal data being shared on Facebook every minute, it is no wonder why the social networking giant is in the best position possible to create these very specific ads.

Facebook have allegedly been testing software that allows ads to read your status updates and wall posts in real-time. So the next time you post a message about listening to a particular tune the ads may pop up with a link to iTunes for that track and others you may like.

“Analysts say this could make Facebook one of the most powerful marketing tools ever created, with ads even more tailored to its users than those featured on rival Google.”

Talks continue over Facebook possibly buying out Twitter for a price tag of around £6.1 billion which if successful would really create a social networking super-power. With access to over 700 million users information, combined in real time and historical data.

I suspect rumours will persist for quite some time to come over the possible buyout of Twitter. What is clear though is that with the advances in technology, which Facebook is pushing for, we will see improvements in the way adverts are targeted. As a consumer this can only be a good thing, no longer will I need to see irrelevant ads but instead I’ll be greeted with offers on products that interest me.

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