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Everything you ever wanted to know about the new Facebook changes

Yesterday, at the f8 conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg announced some major changes to Facebook. Many users predictable reaction was one of discontent and frustration at the new layouts and feature changes. With so many new, exciting and perhaps unwanted modifications we have decided to bring you a list of the best articles currently circulating the web to help bring you up to speed on what the announcements at the f8 conference means for you.

Introducing Timeline – A New Kind of Profile

[youtube hzPEPfJHfKU nolink] 

What are the major Facebook changes?

As expected the interest behind the Facebook alterations has been massive. Mashable reported live from the f8 conference and have been regularly reporting the changes and news from Mr Zuckerberg. One of their posts released just before the announcements, Prepare Yourselves: Facebook to Be Profoundly Changed, was “Liked” by 87,189 people! (their average post receives around 2,000 Likes)

Earlier today they released a great round-up of the new features.

How have Facebook users reacted?

As mentioned earlier, any changes made by Facebook are always met with pockets of disapproval and dislike but that is human nature. Many people are always fearful of change but will it lead to a decrease in Facebook users? I doubt it.

The Independent has given this report on the response to the changes. The comments at the bottom of the page are also worth checking out.

How have the “experts” reacted?

We’ve seen the reaction from the public but what do the so-called experts think about the latest Facebook news. MG Siegler, a TechCrunch writer, has recently posted an article on his views of the changes and what it will mean for the future of social networking. His take on the social networking competition is a refreshing view.

An alternative view is that Google+ will heavily benefit from the negative publicity surrounding some of the Facebook changes. Ancestry.com founder, Paul Allen, posted yesterday that Google Plus growth has exploded since the networking site opened its doors to the public earlier this week.

How will it all affect my business?

Google and Facebook know that their users want content that is useful, relevant and interesting to them and so spend their time making changes and developing algorithms that will provide this content. The days of underhand SEO practises and mass messaging Facebook users are over. If you provide a quality product and engage with your customers in a genuine and honest way then your business will survive and thrive in the social media world.

So in conclusion it is highly likely that a very small minority of Facebook users will drop Facebook for Google Plus, the majority will be frustrated for a short period before coming to love the new features and Facebook will continue to dominate the world of social networking.

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