6 Key Points when using Twitter for Business

Twitter For BusinessMany businesses are utilising Twitter to great effect and this post will run through some key practises to point you in the right direction, when creating and executing your Twitter strategy.

The aim of most businesses Twitter Strategy is to 1.) Increase Traffic to their Website. 2.) Engage with current and potential customers.

The advice below should help you achieve those goals.

Complete your Bio

Many companies fill the bio with information that is of no use to people viewing their Twitter profile. Ensure that the bio describes what you sell and what you’re doing on Twitter (Ask us a question…Check out our Twitter offers…Meet like-minded people)

Create a Custom Twitter Background

The #newtwitter layout has led to a drastic reduction in background space. The average screen resolution will only show about 100-200 pixels on the left and right of the Main Twitter panel. Use this space wisely, the @fasthosts Twitter background **currently being redesigned** will include our logo, name, what we sell and will ask people to use the #fhsupport tag when tweeting us with a support enquiry. These were the most important points we want to get across to customers but you could include your phone number, website address etc.

Be Engaging

There is no point starting to follow hundreds of people if you’re not saying something engaging. Your Tweets should be a mixture of Sales Offers, Tutorials, Useful Articles, Competitions, ReTweets or anything else you think people would be interested in.

Follow the Right People

You can’t force people to follow you but you can give yourself the best chance of being followed. Find like-minded people. Fasthosts are in the Web Hosting industry, so we used Twitter Search to find people following web hosting and B2B review sites. We feel there are 2 types of Twitter users and advise following a mixture of each:

Connectors – These are Twitter users with large followings (10,000+ Followers). The reason you want to follow these people is in the hope that they may one day RT you or mention you. That mention will then show up on their Followers Twitter page.

The problem with Connectors is that they themselves are normally following thousands of people. So if you follow them and they follow you back it is still unlikely that they will ever see one of your tweets, through the hundreds of other Tweets that their Twitter account is listing at any one time.

Engagers – Engagers are people that follow less than 200 people and are being followed by a similar amount. If you Tweet it is more likely that they will see it due to the smaller volume of Tweets coming through at any given time. We see a higher click rate, on links in our Tweets, from the Engagers than we do from the Connectors but the Connectors have the ability to promote what we say to a massive audience.

Tweet at the Right Time

Generally the highest Click-Through-Rates on tweets are around 5pm and 9pm GMT. The best days to tweet are Thursday and Friday. However, I advise you do your own research to check this is the same with your followers.


Get your Twitter link on everything: Website, Blog, Email Signatures, Newsletters, Print Ads, Phone Messages, Press Releases, Facebook Fan Page.

If you put these steps into action you’ll give yourself a great chance of getting more followers and more traffic to your website. If you’ve any questions please drop me a Tweet @fasthosts and use the hashtag #fhblog.

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