5 Top Twitter Marketing Campaigns

Twitter’s growth has been well documented and with more and more people joining the social networking site every day, brands need to be increasingly creative and unique with their marketing efforts. Below are 5 excellent examples of how to advertise on Twitter.

Ben and Jerry’s Fair Tweets

This is a campaign that we’ve talked about before on the Fasthosts blog because it is so effective and really “on target” for the brands audience. It is a very simple concept “Every day, millions of Twitter characters go unused. That’s not very fair. But now you can tweet as you normally would, and we’ll turn any leftover characters into a message about Fair Trade. Now that’s fair.”

Ben and Jerry’s really know how to market their brand and that is because they know what values they stand for, who their target audience are and what they like. Cause marketing is very effective. Recently studies have shown that 62% of global consumers would actively switch brands if a different brand of similar quality and price supported a good cause.

Nestle Live Tweet Ads

In 2009 Nestle became one the first brands to launch a campaign that allowed users to post tweets into an ad unit. They launched the ad units on different sites and asked questions related to their product such as “How do you stimulate your child’s mind?”. Those who were logged into Twitter could then respond to the question and their answer would appear in real-time on the ad units. All the tweets were moderated by Nestle before showing on the ad units.

This is a great example of how to put your advertising in the hands of your customers. By allowing their community to do the talking they increased brand awareness and engagement.

The Volkswagen Twitter Zoom

A real-world, real-time treasure hunt. I February this year Wolkswagen launched their Twitter Zoom campaign to highlight their sponsorship of Planeta Terra Festival. The festival takes place in Brazil and this campaign targeted its audience brilliantly. The aim was to promote the festival to local people, so they hid festival tickets all over the city and gradually revealed where the tickets were located based upon how many people shared the hashtag #foxatplanetaterra on Twitter. Using Google Maps the zoom level would increase as more and more people tweeted the tag.

[youtube Xa7FvS-uq_8 nolink]

Within 2 hours the hashtag was trending in Brazil and the campaign had local people engaging with their brand and the festival they were sponsoring.

The Jeep Puzzle

Jeep recently launched a very creative marketing campaign on Twitter. Everyone loves a puzzle to solve, so Jeep took this train of thought and created The Jeep Puzzle. Users had to follow Twitter profiles in a certain order to reveal a picture and a new clue. The first Twitter profile they were required to follow was following a further 12 Twitter profiles. If you followed them all in the right order then you were shown a picture. Check out this video for a full explanation of this creative campaign:

[youtube 7Bi-MEnsOWU nolink]

The campaign worked because they were the first to do it. I think with ideas such as this one, users are sold on the novelty value and originality of the idea. After it has been done once I don’t feel another brand will be as successful in repeating this advertising format.


Turkcell is a Turkish telecoms company who recently launched a very viral and effective Twitter campaign. The campaign was centred on a gift box that contained a free mobile phone and internet package. The box was covered with lots of post it notes that had messages about the company on them. Through a live video feed on their website they would remove post-it notes in return for the message being tweeted with their hashtag. Once all the post-it notes were removed the box was opened a the winners received the contents. This video explains the campaign in more detail:

[youtube PSgk7YOigG8 nolink]

This campaign targeted influential Twitter users in a way that would be engaging and effective. Twitter users love free stuff and the competition was fun for the user to be involved in, the lesson to be learned here is that by focussing your effort on the influential users you can spread awareness of your campaign much quicker.

All of these campaigns aim to drive the user to a specific website or URL. If you’re inspired to start your own campaign then check out our latest great value web hosting and domain name offers to get you started.

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