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Top SEO Tips – Measuring Success

While every company targeting search engine marketing and optimisation will have their own specific list of targets and goals, there are a number of aspects to online marketing which are universal and apply to all kinds of companies, regardless of the sector they are in.

If you want to measure just how successful your SEO campaign has been, you need to keep a monthly record of how many visits your site gets through search engine queries. Visits can be split into a number of different categories – direct navigation, which includes bookmarks and typed URL traffic, referral traffic which can come from links, email or advertising campaigns, and search engine visits.

When measuring success it is absolutely vital to look at each search engine individually, as certain issues with ranking can be down to aspects of SEO which are unique to an engine itself – for instance, if you have fallen down the rankings in Google, but not Bing, it might be because Google has penalised your site for your back link campaign.

If your site dramatically drops down the rankings of all the major search engines then your issue will be with accessibility and navigation, so double check your site to ensure that spiders and bots can easily travel around your pages.

There could be all kinds of reasons why your site is doing well on one engine but badly on another, and it is important to bear in mind that Google and Yahoo often have different focuses – Yahoo! often takes users to sites which they own or have a hand in, while Google has a focus on more information based searches rather than navigational ones.

Checking the number of visits you get from keyword search referrals is also an important aspect of measuring success and can be helpful in a number of ways. If you are getting a lot of traffic for a certain phrase, but your website doesn’t have the relevant content to get your customer from query to sale, you’re missing out.

As well as this, keyword tracking can help to identify changes in trends and can also highlight if a keyword is more popular at a certain time of the year.

Once you’ve managed to get people on your site, the best way of measuring success is to check your conversion rate. But what is conversion? Well, it depends on your focus and your goals. For some companies, a conversion could simply be an online form query or a customer finding their phone number on their site and then calling them up – for others, it will refer to an actual sale.

To measure your conversion success you must first define what conversion means to you.

There are plenty of tools available to help you track the success of your internet marketing campaign and many of these are free – try Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Piwik Open Source Analysis or Woopra Website Tracking.

These tools measure your traffic, track your keyword success and can help a campaign to be more targeted.

Written by Kimberley Homer, Copywriter at Add People.

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