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Top SEO Tips – Link Building Basics

Link building forms the backbone of most successful SEO campaigns but it is vital that any link building campaign is approached in the right manner. Any search engine marketer worth their salt will know that quality is key these days, and this means that underhand link building campaigns which are only focused on the number of links produced are not going to cut the mustard.

The best way of describing links is as a vote from other web users which show they have confidence in the content and quality of a site, and so it follows that the more reputable links sites enjoy, the better reputation they will have in the web world.

As with any other SEO technique, many people try and bypass the work needed to build quality links and instead focus on the number of links they have to their site, but this is a false economy and could cause real issues.

Link farms which generate high volumes of links generally promote connections to spammy sites or websites containing dubious content, and this can mean bad news for those who are trying to build a solid and trustworthy online reputation.

Google and other search engines do not look too kindly upon those websites who simply prioritise number of links over quality. Google’s own support pages remind webmasters that as well as quantity, “quality and relevance of links count towards your rating”.

So how do you measure the quality of a link?

Relevance should always be the most important consideration when it comes to links – and the reasons for this are not hard to fathom. Links from countless sites offering all kinds of services just shows Google that your site cannot be trusted as a source of information, so instead focus on building links to other sites which are relevant to your business. If your business offers construction and plumbing services, a link from the HSE website would be ideal, or if you are the webmaster of a law firm website, links from other reputable law firms or The Law Society would work well.

Search engines value links in a number of ways and as well as quality and relevance, their global popularity levels are taken into account, though this is generally more of a concern for bigger and well known sites.

A key consideration is anchor text and generally speaking, if a large volumes of links point towards a page with the right keywords, that page has a much better chance of enjoying good rankings for the target words in the anchor text.

Another widely used linking method is to utilise the blogging community online, and this is particularly ideal for those looking to build a solid online reputation who want to link to really relevant content.

Written by Kimberley Homer, Copywriter at Add People.

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