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Top SEO Tips – Keyword Research

Keyword research is an absolutely essential part of any internet marketing and SEO campaign and luckily for all internet marketers, finding out the exact words which your potential customers are looking for can be quite simple.

Targeting the right keywords can help to make sure that a site is one of the top results when carrying out a search for a service or product, and by carrying out keyword research firms can also check out what keywords their competitors are targeting and identify any untapped gold mines, where people are searching for a word which isn’t being catered to.

So where should you start?

When considering which keywords to target, you need to make sure that your keywords are relevant to what your site has on offer, and the kind of content it features. Getting people on your site via a keyword is all well and good, but if they then find your services are not in keeping with their needs, it’s pointless.

A really simple way of checking the popularity or value of any keyword is just to run it through Google yourself. If there are a lot of advertisements down the side of your results, and along the top, chances are you’re targeting a high value keyword which lots of other firms are also interested in.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however – a lucrative keyword is often popular as it has shown itself to be good for conversion, and it may also suggest that there is a large customer base looking for this product or service.

A vital aspect of keyword research is making sure that the words or phrases you target are actually what your potential customers are searching for – if your home appliances site isn’t getting much traffic for refrigerators, it might be because your customers are actually searching for fridges.

Once you’ve worked out which kinds of keywords your online clients are looking for, you need to assess the value of them. This is simple and involves sizing up the amount you’re spending on ads with the number of people clicking them, and the number of people then making a purchase, over a fixed period of time.

If during a 24 hour period, 200 people have clicked on your ad, and out of these people, 2 have made a follow through purchase of £100 each, then you’re making £200, and only you can decide whether this is enough based on the cost of running your ad and other considerations. For instance, £200 is a lot if all your products are priced at a fiver or below, but not so much if your items are generally high value.

Written by Kimberley Homer, Copywriter at Add People.

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