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The search is over for great SEO tools

SEO (search engine optimisation) can be a confusing and time consuming task. Over the past few months we’ve written many articles on SEO to help you get to that all important #1 spot in Google for your keywords. One of our most popular articles is The Ultimate SEO Tips Guide where you will find advice on optimising your website, blog and social networking profiles.

Today we are bringing you a list of some of the best SEO tools available. If you have any of your own suggestions then please leave a comment.

Similar Page Checker – Google and other search engines may penalise you if your website content is very similar to another site. This tool will give a percentage of how similar your site is.

Search Engine Spider Simulator – It is important to know how much content on your web page can be crawled by search engine spiders. If a spider cannot crawl your great content then you will struggle to move up the rankings.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis – This tool helps you determine the backlinks of your website and link text used by your backlinks to link to your website.

Backlink Builder – This is a great tool that will search websites of a theme that you specify that contain keywords like “Add URL” and “Submit URL”

Backlink Summary – This tool gives you a summary of your own and your competitor’s backlinks.

Keyword Density Cloud – Keyword density is a commonly discussed aspect of SEO. The density cloud tool will crawl a given URL and analyse the density of the keywords.

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Check – Lots of brands and website owners like to purchase multiple variations of their domain name and point them to their main website, this is known as a redirect. This tool will tell you if the redirect is search engine friendly.

Check Yahoo WebRank – Yahoo is still a big player in the search engine industry and can deliver a lot of traffic to your site. This tool will evaluate the important of a URL as perceived by Yahoo.

Domain Stats Tool – Another brilliant tool that will get you lots of statistics on any domain you wish.

With these tools and our other informative SEO articles you will soon be climbing the ranking results ladder.

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