Spending money to make money: The art of SEO

The very nature of SEO, increasing a site’s ranking organically without paid advertising, goes against the premise of paying for links. Indeed, such action is explicitly condemned by Google and other search engines. However, many of those in the SEO industry would admit that they spend money while practicing SEO. So, when is it appropriate to spend money in SEO and what are the benefits and problems associated with such action?

Good content

Google wants those in the SEO industry to make the internet a better place, encouraging the posting of good content which will generate links naturally. Of course, in order for this to occur, SEOer’s naturally have to spend money, by hiring good copywriters, web designers and marketing gurus who will generate engaging content. Content can be varied, including infographics, games, quizzes, etc. Their main premise is that they must be fun and interesting to encourage people to link naturally. Obviously, generating this content costs money in the form of the copywriters, web designers and marketing gurus mentioned before. However, the more you invest in your SEO the higher quality links you should achieve. One example of engaging content is competitions. These can be hosted on your own site or on an external site. It is likely that if the competition is hosted on an external site, this site will link back to yours. Similarly, if the competition is exciting and the prize is impressive, others will probably link to your site naturally.

Guest posts

As encouraged by Google, guest posting on sites should be free. While you might think it difficult to achieve a free link on a blog or website, if you employ a strong copywriter they should be able to generate engaging content which the site should want to post. The push at the moment in SEO is to hire copywriters who are already an authority on a subject. Encourage your copywriters to start a blog (if they already haven’t) on a subject they’re passionate about. If they can build a strong following it will strengthen your case for posting a free link on another site. You’ll also be more likely to post on sites that have a high authority with search engines.

Press releases

Press releases are a great way to spread the word about your latest products, news related to your business or any upcoming events. They’re also great at getting links! Upload your release to a news wire which distributes press releases. This will cost money but it should get some good quality links. The ideal scenario is that your release is picked up by news sites and garners some high ranking links. Generally however, your release will simply be hosted on the news wire site, which will already have a high authority with search engines, so it’s really win/win!

Used properly and effectively, good SEO can increase your page rankings and have a direct impact on your business. Be aware of the temptations to use bad SEO however as this will result in penalization by search engines which could affect your business detrimentally. Good luck with your SEO and let us know of any other ways you can use paid SEO to your advantage.

Written by Sarah Murray. Sarah is the SEO Copywriter for Appliances Online. When she’s not generating engaging guest posts she enjoys hibernating in a coffee shop and browsing online shops. Follow her life on Twitter.

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