SEO Tips For Your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages provide businesses with a fantastic opportunity to reach their target audience through a highly engaged and effective channel. You can now sell products directly from your businesses Facebook Page and communicate quickly and easily with current and future customers.

Below are our top SEO tips that all Facebook Page owners should implement.

Choosing the Best Name and URL

When creating your page it is important to use your business’s real name as your page name and do not change it. Don’t be tempted to stuff your page name with keywords, the Facebook community can spot a spammy page title a mile off. Not changing your page name also helps keep any SEO strength you build up over time.

You can now choose a custom username for your Facebook Page, ours is Whilst this does present an opportunity to add extra keywords it is important to keep in mind that Facebook may block your page if you appear to have a URL that does not accurately represent your page. I would advise just using your company name as the URL username. Please note you need to have 25 fans before you can create a customer username for the URL.

Take Advantage of the About Box

The About box is the most valuable area that you can add your keywords to. Of all the areas to add custom text, the About box is placed highest within the CSS structure. So choose your 250 characters carefully, remember that first and foremost it needs to be optimised for your human visitors but after that think about how to add your specific keywords for search engine spiders to crawl.

Create Custom Tabs

The FBML provides the best opportunity to design your own static html pages within your Facebook Page. If you check out the Fasthosts Facebook Page you can see that the Welcome and Win sections are our own custom design.

The FBML allow Page owners to add fully optimised pages on Facebook and help towards your search engine ranking.

Share Great Content

Facebook users want interesting and regular content. Share your photos, videos and news with your Facebook fans. Ensure that all descriptive fields are filled out with keyword optimise text. All this content is indexable by search engines.

Keep your wall regularly updated and if you are on Twitter then you may want to include selected tweets. Selective Tweets is a Facebook app that you can install for your page that will include any tweets that have the #fb hashtag. For example on the Fasthosts wall we display any tweets that we want to share on Facebook using the #fb tag:

“SEO Quick Tips – Guest Blogging for Quality Inbound links – New Blog Post! #fb”

Fill Out the Info Tab

With your Facebook Page you may have noticed that there is an Info tab. Complete this section with your keyword optimised text and add your website links. Complete the address section and company overview/products sections to gain traffic from local searches and product searches.

So if you have not yet set-up a Facebook Page then I advise creating one asap and remember to incorporate these valuable SEO tips.

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