SEO Quick Tips – Mix Up Your Anchor Text

Google will penalise any web pages that excessively use the same anchor text to link to internal pages. For example, if I wanted to link our recent “Social Gaming – The Future of Online Marketing” article using the phrase “FarmVille” then I should only do it once, possibly twice in this article. In the past webmasters would excessively put the phrase they wished to rank for into the article. This provides no value to human visitors and so Google decided it was no longer allowed.

However, you can improve your search engine ranking by mixing up your anchor text. If you are in need of inspiration for your anchor text then just do a quick Google search on your chosen keyword/phrase. At the bottom of the first page Google lists “Searches related to…” where you will find the keyword inspiration.

Google recommends related keywords which you can use in Meta titles, tags, internal links and inbound links.

Mixing up your anchor text for a page will help you rank better for a  wider range of phrases whilst operating in a way that search engines accept.

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