SEO Quick Tips – Getting Links from Journalists

Obtaining links from popular online blogs and magazines can be a difficult task. Historically, it has not been easy to get in touch with journalists and editors and even when you do there is no guarantee they will think your story is newsworthy.

However, since the launch of HARO in 2008 it has become easier. HARO helps to bring together journalists/reporters who are looking for a story or need a case study for an article and sources who have a story to tell or expertise to offer.

The service is completely free of charge and takes minutes to set up. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive 3 emails a day listing journalists who need some help to complete an article. When you find a query that matches your expertise then you can respond to the journalist.

How can this help my websites SEO?

Many of the journalists write for leading publications such as ThomasReuters,, BusinessWeek and many more. If you help contribute to their story you’ll receive fantastic coverage and there’s the chance of a link to your website.

A link from a website that Google ranks highly, such as, will massively boost your search engine strength and move you up the rankings for the anchor text used.

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