SEO Quick Tips – Optimising for Bing (Part 1)

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, now accounts for around 30% of all US searches and that is rapidly becoming the case for UK searches as well. It is important to begin optimising your website for Bing and in Part 1 of our “Optimising for Bing” series we’ll be focussing on content.

Choose your topic – Ensure that each page on your website has a strong theme by covering one topic. For example, this page is focussing on optimising for Bing, if we also tried to cover Facebook news on this page then it would have a negative impact when trying to rank in Bing.

Pack in your content – Small sites don’t do as well in Bing as sites that have lots of pages. If you are struggling to add more pages then why not set up a blog.

300 words – The search engine appears to place more value on pages that have 300+ words.

Focus on phrases – When adding keywords to your content always try to insert the phrases into your content exactly how people would search for them.

NO hidden text – Ensure that your pages don’t have any hidden text. By that we mean white text on a white background.

Keep it unique – Bing will remove pages from its search engine results if it finds duplicate content. Keep your content unique.

Link to others – Bing increases the page rank of your site when you have lots of outgoing links to quality sites. Ensure the title tag of the webpage you’ve linked out to is relevant to your page.

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