SEO Quick Tips – Link Building for Local Businesses

It can often be a tricky task for a small local business to feature well in the search engines for terms related to their services/products.

Inbound link building is an effective way to improve your ranking strength and move your website up the search engine positions. Here are our top 5 tips on link building for local businesses:

Local Press – It can be difficult gaining links from national newspapers such as The Times or The Sun, however, gaining a link from your local newspapers website is far more achievable. If you have a story/event that you think would be of interest to your community then get in touch with the relevant reporter from the paper. They have many column inches to fill and it can be difficult to find fresh, quality content every day/week.

Local Businesses Website – Many towns and cities now have websites that are devoted to local businesses. Find out if they accept free/paid for submissions or whether they would barter for a link.

Event Sponsorship – Many businesses now sponsor local events. It is really important for the community and can help you gain a few backlinks as well. Get in touch with your local schools and non-profit organisations, such as football clubs, music groups, theatres etc.

Charity Sponsorship – Partnering with a local charity not only shows your business has a social conscience but is also great for “cause marketing”.

College/University Websites – Many students are looking for work experience, especially those studying web design and coding. They will often be eager to design you’re a webpage, app or widget as part of their coursework. This can be great for your link building efforts if the student features your company on the college/uni website. Links from “.org” sites really help improve your ranking strength in search engines.

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