Integrating Google tools into WordPress

Google have developed some fantastic tools that you can now integrate into your WordPress website. We’ve compiled this list of our favourites which includes everything from analysing your website stats to adding interactive maps.

Google Docs

[youtube QvEWDbPK10M nolink]


[youtube tnUXzbvXxSQ nolink]


Admittedly most people will prefer to integrate PayPal into their WordPress site but if you are looking for an alternative, that incorporates Google Adsense and Google Product Search, then Checkout is a great option. Plugin: Simple Google Checkout Shopping Cart URL Shortener

Google seem to have kept this tool fairly quiet since its launch over a year ago. They aim for it to be “the stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.” Plugin: Shortlinks

Website Optimiser

[youtube XJT9TCqzw4U nolink]

Plugin: A/B Testing

Google Maps

[youtube vN2wgi_Lq5M nolink]

Plugin: MapPress


Use Google Libraries “Allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress’s own copies.” Plugin: Use Google Libraries

Font Directory

The Google Font Directory has got a lot of WordPress users very excited. It is now easier than ever to add rich typography to your new theme and the API does all the hard work of marking it cross-browser compatible. Plugin: WP Google Fonts

Hopefully, with all or some of these Google resources you will be able to make your WordPress blog/site even better. Check out the WordPress site for many more great Google plugins. Let us know if you’ve come across any other Google based WordPress plugins in a comment below.

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