Five Fantastic Alternatives to Google Analytics

Five Alternative to Google Analytics

Google Analytics has long been a dominating force as a tool many businesses and individuals use to track visitors to their websites, allowing them to see what pages or features are popular amongst web surfers. However, some criticism has arisen concerning the service from Mountain View, including how visitors’ personal data is collected and stored, prompting many to seek out alternative analytics tools.


According to the developers, right out the gate Piwik proclaims itself to be an open-source alternative to the popular Google Analytics software. Users can download the Piwik PHP and MySQL software to install on their own web server in order to monitor site users’ habits.

Piwik benefits from a number of plug-ins available for the software and users of all skill levels have sung Piwik’s praises, noting its quick processing times as well as its simple and intuitive dashboard.


Many have said that analytics tool Woopra has effectively raised the bar for other, similar programmes by offering tracking results in real time. Delivered by iFusion Labs, Woopra publicly launched in October 2009 with both free and paid-for incarnations, as well as offering a desktop client.

Another unique feature of the Woopra software is that it allows users of the programme to chat directly with visitors of their websites, also in real time. This can provide website administrators with a direct conduit to the population they wish to connect with, and could prove useful for market research or website feedback.

Yahoo! Web Analytics

To jump ship from one web giant to another, website administrators can head across the aisle to Yahoo! to track the behaviour on their stretch of the internet.

Upon its release, Yahoo! was credited with exceeding Google’s rival service in several areas, including simpler controls for those monitoring multiple websites, a larger page-view limit and the contested access to web page traffic data. Such leads over Google have made multiple reviewers state its capabilities for enterprise level analytics.


Clicky is another ‘freemium’ analytics service available, with a pricing scheme similar to Woopra. The similarities between the two services don’t end there, however, as Clicky also offers users analytics in real time.

The service also incorporates other features important in the age of social media, such as Twitter followers, so businesses or bloggers can find any correlation between page hits and social media numbers.

Clicky recently released a version of its software for the iPhone, so users can track on the go.


The StatCounter web analytics service offers free results for websites drawing fewer than 250,000 hits per month – though maybe its feedback will help site owners work out strategies to push users up to that number!

A big selling point for the StatCounter service is the fact that, while free, it does not feature ads to website visitors in order to generate revenue. Others have lauded StatCounter for being highly customisable, as the initial programme offers a basic analytics package – great for those starting out as webmasters.

In addition, more experienced web moguls can subscribe to a premium service from the company for a small fee.

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