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5 SEO Tools You Can’t Do Without

Search Engine Optimisation is such a vital yet often overlooked aspect of web design. Last month we brought you 9 great SEO tools from and after doing a bit more digging we’ve found 5 more excellent tools to help boost your site up the search rankings. We have chosen these tools because they do the job, in many cases they are not the most aesthetically pleasing tools available but don’t let that put you off.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This tool is simple, easy to use and great for running in-depth and quick site audits.

URI Valet

A brilliant tool for running checks on server headers, download speeds, W3C validation, internal/external links and much more.

IE Tester

All web designers know how frustrating it can be to publish you’re beautiful new creation only to find that it doesn’t work in a particular version of Internet Explorer (IE). IE Tester will show you how your site looks in different versions of IE in a side-by-side display.

WayBack Machine

It’s always fun to see how websites have developed over the last 15 years. Ever wanted to know wanted to know what looked back in 2000?

Rank Checker

I often find myself needing to check a websites ranking in Google and this is where Rank Checker comes in. You simply type in a domain(s) and a keyword and it will show you how the site ranks for that keyword in searching engines such as Google and Yahoo.

With these tools and our other informative SEO articles you will soon be climbing the ranking results ladder.

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