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Website Builder for existing customers

As an existing Fasthosts web hosting customer, you’ll receive a free upgrade to the new Website Builder product. If you’ve already used the old SiteBuilder that came with your hosting package, you’ll be automatically upgraded at no cost, but you will need to read the information below regarding making the switch between tools.

I’ve got a web hosting package, but I haven’t got around to building a website yet…

The new Website Builder tool makes it easy for you to get your website online without having to do any coding. You can choose from a wide variety of templates and simply drag and drop your content into the site, and make changes to your site at any time. You can integrate a range of social media widgets including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr, and add eCommerce and mobile site builder features to sell your products and services online.

I’ve already built a website using the old SiteBuilder tool…

Firstly, please don’t worry, your website will continue as normal. The current SiteBuilder tool is approaching the end of its life from both a technical and support perspective, and will be retired in the future. As part of this launch, over the next week, you’ll receive a free upgrade to the new Website Builder. There is no direct migration path from the old tool to the new Website Builder, but this new powerful & simple to use product will give you the opportunity to build an up to date website at your own pace whilst your existing site remains live and active. Once you’re happy with the new site, you can switch the DNS over and benefit from a fresher looking site running in a faster and even more stable environment.

To get started using the new Website Builder, log in to your Fasthosts Control Panel and navigate to your hosting package via the ‘Website’ section. From here, you’re ready to start designing your website and then publish it online.

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