Microsoft Exchange 2013 from Fasthosts Launches Today

We can now unveil the launch of Microsoft Exchange 2013. This will enable increased productivity for Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) whilst reducing I.T. costs and signifying a more customer focussed and flexible buying process.

Following on from the long standing exceptional performance and reliability of Microsoft Exchange, we bring you an upgraded, secure and reliable hosted email platform. The opportunity to purchase Exchange 2013 by stipulating the number of mailboxes required gives more control over email hosting and passes on further benefits in the form of flexibility as the business grows and evolves.

The main features of Microsoft Exchange 2013 from Fasthosts include:

  • Purchase per mailbox and save over 20% with volume based savings
  • 25GB & 50GB mailboxes
  • Full expert support provided 24/7 with no hidden charges
  • Outlook 2013 software (included free with 50GB mailboxes)
  • Quick and easy migration service
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee

Business Benefits

Microsoft Exchange 2013, as the name suggests, is fully compatible with all Microsoft office packages ensuring seamless interaction with all BAU activity. The hosted exchange platform is fully supported so you’ll always have assistance when you need it most. Regardless of whether you choose the 25GB or the 50GB mailbox option, ActiveSync, ensures your data is synchronised across devices so your business functions perfectly both in the office and remotely.

Exchange 2013 is designed to increase collaboration and productivity within the workplace, encourage delegation and help with workloads.To read the full benefits a business will receive when choosing Hosted Exchange 2013, download this whitepaper.


It’s possible to save over 20% with the volume based discount model applied, however the benefits to your business don’t stop there. Once you have selected the number of mailboxes you require there are then options for a number of contract types and payment options to suit every business.

Exchange 2013 is an exciting addition to our hosted services portfolio, guaranteeing professional email that is built on at enterprise-grade infrastructure giving best in class performance.

If you’d like to find out more about the role that Exchange 2013 could play in your business, call the Fasthosts experts now, on 0808 1686 777.

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