Fasthosts new Dedicated Server range

The new range of servers has been built with developers, designers and agencies in mind but we’re sure that the new range will serve IT managers and network/systems engineers equally well. The new dedicated servers use less power whilst enabling applications to run faster and smoother. You also have the choice of two new operating systems and an updated server control panel, offers high performing servers to suit every business.

  • The latest Haswell processors mean you can run complex tasks and multi-thread applications with ease
  • Choose from the latest operating systems available – Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows server 2012
  • Get easy server management with a choice of Plesk 12 or cPanel
  • You can even fix your offer price for up to 2 years

Fourth generation Haswell processors from Intel

Developments to the Fasthosts’ dedicated server range include the addition of two servers containing the latest, fourth generation Haswell processors from Intel, offering heightened processing capabilities. The 950 is powered by an Intel i5 processor and is priced from £59.00 per month (PM) +VAT. It offers users 16GB RAM, 2 x 2TB SATA HDD and RAID 1 protection.

Building on this, the flagship server of our mid-range models (1060) runs on the even more powerful Intel i7 processor with 2 x 2TB SATA HDD, 2 x 120GB SSD, 32GB RAM and also RAID 1. You can add Plesk 12 for just £14.99pm + VAT with either of these models.

Both servers provide up to 10% faster performance than the previous Ivybridge generation which is especially noticeable when encoding, gaming, running complex applications and multi-tasking.

Latest operating systems

Make your own decisions when choosing a dedicated server with Fasthosts, select between Linux and Windows operating systems, Plesk 12 or cPanel.

Coinciding with the refresh, Plesk 12 for Windows and Linux is also available. Featuring a WordPress toolkit, outbound anti-spam, web application firewall and much more, the control panel offers unbeatable, simple server management.

Major updates to our Linux offering include the addition of Ubuntu 14.04, the newly released long term support version of the Linux operating system. For organisations who are keen to ensure platform stability, Ubuntu 14.04 will be supported by Canonical for a full five years.

Excellent performance and value for money

Simon Yeoman, our General Manager, said “Our new range of dedicated servers builds and improves upon our previous range with increased speed, performance and resilience using the latest SSD technology. Coupled with the generous quotas of RAM, it enables any organisation to run multiple business-critical applications with ease.”

The new range of dedicated servers starts at £29.00pm +VAT pm for a 12 month period. For the first time you can even fix your price for the next two years. Servers can be provisioned with up to 128GB RAM, up to 32 core processing, up to 2 x 500GB SSD, up to 2 X 4TB SATA and RAID 1 protected hard disk drives. In addition to this, every Fasthosts’ server guarantees 99.99% uptime, is hosted within secure, wholly-owned data centres and benefits from expert 24/7 UK phone and online support.

The full range of Fasthosts dedicated servers can be viewed here: www.fasthosts.co.uk/dedicated-servers/

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