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Enhanced Online Backup Solution for Windows users

We’ve recently made some updates to our Online Backup which is great news for existing and new Fasthosts online backup customers.

There’s never been a greater need than now to protect the electronic data your business relies so heavily on. Fasthosts online backup solutions enable you to save large encryptions of data through a virtual, cloud infrastructure model, saving your business time, money and resources.

Unlimited automatic backups that work with any PC, laptop or server running Windows and a pay monthly option means higher level security at a cost effective price. Saved data files can be downloaded to any Windows device at any time offering you greater flexibility and peace of mind. Storage capacity can be tailored to your requirements allowing you to increase instantly from 10GB to 1TB so you only pay for what you use. Fasthosts online backup uses software to analyse files marked for back up so only incremental changes are uploaded. This means lower broadband bandwidth usage costs and shorter turnaround times.

Upgrade for free

For existing (online backup) customers, a hassle free upgrade to version 14 is now available to download without causing any disruption to your existing settings and backup schedules. You’ll experience faster backups and increased protection levels at no extra cost. Download the new version by accessing the Online Backup overview page in your Fasthosts control panel.

New customers

For customers that are new to online backup, there’s a 30 day free trial* available now. We’re confident that with prices as small as just £10 a month, you’ll never want to risk the protection of your data again.

For advice on how online backup can benefit your business, contact a member of our sales team on 0808 1686 777.

* Terms and conditions apply

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