.wales & .cymru domains

.cymru & .wales- a truly Welsh home online

Show your Welsh pride and join the founding businesses that have already signed up to create a truly welsh home online. Following the announcement of the new uniquely Welsh top level domains (TLDs) – .cymru and .wales- at this year’s Royal Welsh Show, it’s now possible for all businesses and individuals to be a part of something special and celebrate a new online welsh identity together.

How can a .cmyru or .wales domain benefit my business?

Embracing a .cymru or a .wales TLD can unlock many possibilities. Just a few of these are shown below:

  • Short & simple
  • Shows your pride in Wales
  • Uses both national languages of wales and includes the entire community
  • Protects your brand in Wales – and prevents others getting there first
  • Can be used across email and your website
  • All profits from the registration of .cymru and .wales domain names are re-invested directly back into internet related projects in Wales

Who’s already backing the new domains?

Over the coming years, it’s thought that technology and the internet will boost the Welsh economy greatly. While the internet celebrates its 25th anniversary, Ken Skates, the Welsh Deputy Minister of Technology, has pledged that the Welsh Government will invest in the ‘communications infrastructure, so that by 2016, 96% of premises will have access to superfast broadband’ and Cardiff will also gain its very own internet exchange point. It’s obvious that increasingly over the next year, the need and the desire for .cymru and .wales domain extensions will only grow stronger.

Leading by example key Welsh businesses to have already confirmed their switch to the new domains are the Welsh Government, S4C (a Welsh broadcasting channel), the National Assembly for Wales, Wales Young Farmers and many more including the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales (FSB). FSB Wales’ head of External Affairs Iestyn Davies said “the FSB in Wales has a distinctly Welsh identity and we are delighted to be able to underline this by adopting the new domain names for our website within Wales” said Mr Davies. Many of their members are expected to follow suit.

How can I secure a .cymru or .wales?

The new .cymru/.wales releases will be staggered by Nominet and released in a few different stages. To make it really easy to know when you can register the domain you are interested in, simply navigate to Our Domain Checker and enter the domain you are interested in. We will then email you when the .cmyru/.wales domains become available to apply for and pre order.

Who are Nominet?

Nominet are the not-for-profit registry backing dot cymru and dot wales. Following conversations with stakeholders and the results of their survey, Nominet applied for both .cymru and .wales domain names, for a multi-faceted approach to promoting Wales’ economic and cultural success. Nominet have dedicated offices in both England and Wales and have agreed an English and Welsh speaking contact centre to provide help and advice to anyone wanting to be a part of our home online.

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