Where is everyone

Where is everyone? How location based marketing is shaping up for 2012

With social networks such as Facebook Place, Foursquare and Twitter all integrating location data more heavily into their services, a gap in the market has appeared for managing marketing campaigns on these networks.

Say hello to Geotoko. In the last few days Hootsuite announced that they have acquired the geosocial tool. A location based marketing and analytics platform. With Geotoko you can get real-time data from your campaigns, launch giveaways, track users through its heatmap function, track checkins, comments and photos.

Hoosuite CEO Ryan Holmes stated “Geo-location will be the hotpoint addition to every savvy marketer’s mix in 2012 and beyond,”.

[youtube 0s8BNZ4bpc8 nolink]

Marketing tools are developing quickly and are becoming much smarter. Relevance is the aim of the game for marketers in 2012, particularly for offline campaigns. Where is my target audience right now? Which street are they on? What shops have they been in? Where are they heading?

A world of possibilities for advertisers has opened up thanks to advances in smartphone technology and the data that Twitter and Facebook are acquiring.

How is your business incorporating location based marketing?

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