Top 5 Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral marketing is a fantastic way to drive a large amount of traffic to your site and build a lot of buzz about your brand or product. We’ve compile this list of our 5 favourite viral marketing campaigns to help inspire you to be as creative as the teams behind these campaigns were.

Extreme Sheep Art

One of the most imaginative and creative viral videos that you can find online. Samsung recruited independent film makers to create videos for them and Sheep Art is without doubt a fantastic result. Now with over 14.3 million views it is the sheer scale and originality of this video that makes it so viral.

What can we learn from this video?

Even though this video is to advertise a well known electronics brand it still feels homemade and authentic. Think about how to can make your viral video seem like it was made by an amateur with a unique vision and ensure that the advertising is subtle.

The Dark Night

If you want to know how to make a big viral impact for a well loved product then look no further than the “Why so serious?” viral marketing campaign by 42 Entertainment. They truly went all out on bringing a sense of realism to their film prior to its release by combining real world events, online games, mobile campaigns, web pages, social media, videos, email and print. The result was over 10 million participants in 75 countries and grossed $67.1 million on it’s opening day which at the time was a new world record. In February 2009 the film crossed $1 billion in worldwide gross.

What can we learn from this video?

Although very few companies have the budget, existing fan base and product to attempt such as challenge there are a few things we can learn from the Dark Knight viral campaign. Firstly, it shows that offline marketing can compliment your ability to turn something into a viral success online. If you’re product or service is regionally based such as a shop or restaurant then why not combine your offline and online marketing to create a viral campaign.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to think big. Just because something is ambitious does not make it impossible so whenever you have an idea that seems incomprehensible don’t throw it away. If you think the results are worth it then explorer you idea further.

OK GO – This Too Shall Pass

After the huge success of their first viral video OK GO – Ready Steady Go, which now has over 50 million YouTube views, there was a lot of pressure on the band to not only produce a catchy tune but also a viral video. Well, they succeeded on both accounts and their second video now has over 25 million views. They took a different route with This Too Shall Pass and were no doubt inspired by the Honda – The Cog advert.

What can we learn from this video?

Videos that go viral normally do so for the following reasons; they are funny or extreme or completely original. This Too Shall Pass displays the sheer dedication to reach an objective. There are many video that have gone viral online which showcase a person’s ability to reach a difficult goal through dedication. Think about whether there is something different or unique you can do with your product that would take hours or days of dedication to achieve and would astound viewers.

The Subservient Chicken

Launched in 2004 the Subservient Chicken was one of the first online viral marketing campaigns. Created to promote Burger King’s Chicken TenderCrisp  using the slogan “Have it Your Way” it began as a TV ad but quickly evolved into an online advertisement. A website was set up where visitors could type commands and an actor in the chicken suit would perform.

What can we learn from this video?

Back in 2004 it was arguably easier to create a video that was unique but the main reason that this campaign was such as success was due to the way it engaged users and was fun to partake in. The aim of any marketing campaign, whether viral or not, is to catch the interest of its target audience. Engaging with the audience really helps to keep them engaged so remember when designing your viral marketing campaign to keep this in mind.

The Old Spice Guy

Completely random but perfectly executed and resulted in a huge viral success. The first video has been viewed over 30 million times alone with subsequent videos gaining over 10 million views. One of the more “commercial” viral videos on our list the campaign to promote Old Spice featured a well built man wearing only a towel rapidly firing out hilarious and ingenious quotes.

What can we learn from this video?

The video targeted the 18-25 age range which is the most viral demographic on the internet. If this demographic like something then they will share it with their friends and family. Surrealism works well in viral videos as does humour and this video series as both those elements in abundance. Don’t be afraid to get a little surreal with your attempt at creating a viral video as it might just catch. Simples.

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