Why you need to protect your brand online

On the 18th March 2011 the internet overseer ICAAN gave final approval for the creation of the .XXX domain extension. As you may have guessed the .XXX domain extension is dedicated to online adult entertainment.

On December 6th 2011 the .XXX domain extension will become available to register on a first come first served basis. At Fasthosts we believe it is really important to protect you brand identity and to block any other party using your brand name by registering to block your .XXX domain.

If you do not block the .XXX extension of your domain then you leave yourself at risk of your company being associated with online adult entertainment or other inappropriate material.

From September 7th trademark owners outside the adult industry wishing to protect their brand from being associated with this type of content will be able to apply to block the .XXX extension of their domain. Here at Fasthosts we’re pleased to offer a pre-order service as of 18/08/2011 so you can take an important step towards protecting your brand online.

What is .XXX?

.XXX is a new sponsored top level domain (sTLD) and is designed to create a clearly signposted place for adult content. Consumers and businesses wishing to avoid adult material can more easily filter out .XXX content and ensure that it is not inadvertently accessed by internet users.

Why should I block the .XXX domain for my business?

By blocking the .XXX domain for your brand, you’ll ensure that your name is not associated with adult or other inappropriate content. Importantly, it will also ensure that no-one else buys that domain and either uses it for adult content, or demands an inflated fee from you to purchase it from them.

How do I block the .XXX domain for my business?

You can pre-order to block your .XXX equivalent domain from 18/08/2011 from us here at Fasthosts. The phase for trademark owners wishing to block their .XXX domain (Sunrise B) officially opens on 7th September 2011 until 28th October 2011. Then non-trademark owners wishing to block (General Availability) can purchase from 6th December 2011.

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