How To: Get More Website Visitors from Google

Getting a website up and running is only a small part of having an effective online strategy for your company. This post does not discuss SEO for search engines, if you’ve not done that yet then check out Hubspot’s 10 Common Website Mistakes and How To Fix Them.

This article explains how to get more quality, inbound links to your site, which is one of the most important factors in Google’s algorithm. Having lots of other great sites, relevant to your own, that are linking to you will increase the ranking of your site for certain keywords.


If BBC News link to your website without you linking back to theirs this will massively help boost you up the Google rankings, for the keywords in the hyperlink. This is because Google already ranks the BBC website highly and anything that they link to must be quality content.

The fact that you don’t link back to the BBC tells Google that you’ve not set-up a reciprocal link, which re-enforces the fact that the link from the BBC is there because they like your website.

This provides us with a problem…How do I get quality websites to link to my website?

You will probably come up against a brick wall if you send out hundreds of emails to website owners and just ask them to link to you without you doing something in return. If they ask for a link back then only accept to do that if they are a great website otherwise the value of the link will not be worth your efforts.

So for this post we will look at two ways of getting those inbound links.

Number 1 – Provide brilliant, unique and interesting content on your website/blog.

This will take time but if you combine your Social Media presence then hopefully not too long. Do you take photos or videos at events/conferences that you could post online? Could you use your knowledge of a chosen topic, related to your company, and blog about it? Are you organizing a competition or event? Anything that would be of interest to your target audience is content you need to get on your website and be Twittering, Facebooking and Blogging about. If people like it they will link to it. These are links that you do not need to reciprocate and hopefully a number of the links will be from established websites.

Number 2 – Do something newsworthy.

If you can do something that will get you in the local, regional and national press’s websites, then 9 times out of 10, they will place a link to your website in the article. If you can get quality inbound links to your website then from that you will see a viral effect of content sharing, people retweeting the article/blogging about it. Whatever you choose to do it needs to grab your target audience’s attention.

So to summarise, in order to get more website visitors from Google you need to get higher in the Google ranking for search terms that your audience is using. To achieve this you need are lots of quality, inbound links. By ‘quality’ I mean links from websites that Google thinks are great. To get inbound links you need to earn it, through great content on your website and/or doing something newsworthy.

I hope this helps in getting yourself seen on Google and if you’ve any questions feel free to leave a comment below or drop us a Tweet @fasthosts and add the hashtag #fhblog.

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