How to Convert Visitors into Sales

Convert Visitors To Sales

Part of designing an effective website is focussing on being able to convert visitors into sales or new clients. We’ve compiled this list of tips to help you start turning those new visitors into happy customers.

Emphasize you offers!

Offer your customers discounts and special offers. Emphasize offers heavily on your website, newsletters, support emails and social media sites. At Fasthosts we are constantly running offers and discounts to customers. It helps us convert visitors into sales if they can see they are getting hosting for half price or the first month free on dedicated servers.

Promote your best assets

We provide competitor comparisons on our reseller packages to help potential customers see the value they are getting in comparison to our nearest competitors. It helps us convert visitors into sales as they can see for themselves exactly how much more they are getting for their money with us than our competitors.

Show how secure you are

Identity theft and internet fraud are a big issue with online shopping and it is important to make sure your site is as secure as it can be and complies with all of the rules and regulations. Once it is then showcase the fact that you are secure. People are much more careful and cautious with their online shopping and tend to stick to big, well-known brands. Make sure you provide visitors with all the information they need to feel safe and secure when buying from your site. It can be the difference between converting that sale and not.

Alternative payment options

Try and be as flexible as possible when offering payment options to potential customers. Why got to the effort of designing your great new site, doing all of your fantastic advertising and when the happy new customer comes to the final step and wants to buy your product you don’t have the payment option they want. Can you offer PayPal or Google Checkout? Payment by credit or debit card? Do you sell to US customers and not offer American Express as a card option?

Get on the phone and email

It is very difficult to create a site that is so comprehensive or has such a fantastic customer forum that can answer every question a potential customer will ask. If possible offer a sales line, even if you can only cover a small time frame. It is much more reassuring to new customers if they know a human being is actually working for this new company site that they’ve come across. Also ensure that you respond to email enquiries as quickly as possible. Make it very prominent on the website that you offer phone and email support. You will be amazed at how many more sales leads you will convert if you can answer customer’s questions.

Descriptive website navigation

If possible make your navigation bar as descriptive and specific as possible. If your navigation text reads “laptops” why not change it to “search our laptop range”.

What are your competitors up to?

Sometimes you can be so focussed on what you are doing that you forgot to check what your competitors are up to. Are they running a new competition? Have they launched a new blog? Do they have any special discounts atm? Have they made a new announcement?  These are all things you need to be checking for on a regular basis. You can learn from their actions, a great way of keeping ahead of the market is taking the good parts of an idea that a competitor has had and add your own bit to improve it. Perhaps your competitor has launched a new blog, you like the layout but think that they should have done X, Y and Z differently. You can now do your own blog with those improvements making sure that you have the best blog in your industry.

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