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How Quickly have you Responded to QR code marketing?

QR codes. Have you heard of them?  You’ve probably seen them but do you use them?

They are increasingly being used in marketing campaigns by business of all sizes. QR (Quick Response) codes have been around for many years but it’s been the rise in the smartphone technology that has suddenly heightened the value of the little square boxes. New forms of advertising always come with a period of time needed to educate the audience on how to engage and interact but that learning curve appears to be straightening out. Don’t have a QR code reader on your phone? Try RedLaser for iPhone or Android or ScanLife for BlackBerry.

Historically, one of the major drawbacks of the QR code has been the incentive for consumers to use them. Nowadays brands are using them to drive people to landing pages where they can win prizes, get exclusive discounts and deals, view videos and other great content.

Print marketing has been the major benefiter of the QR code movement. Static print ads can become outdated very quickly but with the QR code the reader can quickly and easily scan the page and view a dynamic website or video.

Setting up a QR code is free and easy. We used BeQRious to create the QR code in the image above. You simply give them the URL (web address) you want to the QR to load (web page, video, photos, contact forms etc.) and they generate the QR code image for you to place wherever you want (posters, leaflets, business cards).

The standard QR code is black and white and resembles a cross word puzzle, however, some advertisers are getting really creative with their design and implementation. We’ve compiled some of the best examples below:

Sinap Summer 2009


QR code hotel


Audi Japan


AXA Bank


First ever animated tattoo


Shelby Montross

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