Is Your Business Embracing Online Display Advertising?

eMarketer, a digital marketing research and analysis company, has recently doubled its prediction for display advertising growth for 2011. Search advertising still brings in the greatest share of online ad spending but display is showing strong growth. This is largely due to the massive increase in online video advertising and website banners, plus other media and sponsorships.

In 2011 US advertisers are predicted to spend over $14 billion dollars on search engine advertising and over $12 billion on online display advertising. This is an increase of 19.8% and 24.5% over last year.

By 2015 eMarketer predicts that online display advertising will overtake search. David Hallerman, principle analyst at eMarketer stated “The rebalancing of ad budgets across the board, among companies large and small, national and local, will be pushing more brand-oriented dollars on to the web,”

Digital advertising is leaning more towards branding (online videos, banner ads, rich media, sponsorships) than direct marketing (email, classifieds, adwords). As consumers become increasingly immune to the more traditional direct advertising methods we are seeing companies focus on increasing brand awareness through association with entertainment media.

No doubt if you’ve been on YouTube in the last 12 months you will have seen the increasing number of adverts preceding music videos and movie trailers. Judging by the rapid growth in this type of association through display advertising, we can assume that brand advertising is working well.

The future of online advertising looks promising and with the incredible development of new technology, such as augmented reality, it appears that competition between brands will be hot.

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