Cause Marketing – Combining Philanthropy and Advertising

In December we published an article titled “5 Brilliant Social Good Campaigns” which looked at some examples of how creating a marketing campaign, with a focus around philanthropy, can produce great results.

Ben & Jerry’s have recently launch a great social good campaign to promote World Fair Trade Day. See the video below…

[youtube QX7busQUJo0 nolink]

It is a very clever and simple way for the ice cream producer to promote a great cause whilst gaining lots of positive publicity.

As we touched upon in our previous social good article, cause marketing has been embraced by US businesses much quicker and more prominently than UK brands. Even Ben & Jerry’s own website displays their Fair Trade campaign more prominently in the US site. The World Fair Trade day is a global event so why not spread the campaign to their UK customers? They have registered but not the version.

Perhaps Ben & Jerry’s did not feel that the UK audience would be as receptive of cause marketing as our US counterparts. Perhaps it is time for more UK businesses to embrace cause marketing and combine philanthropy with their next advertising campaign. There are many benefits such as:

  • Enhanced reputation
  • Increased viral sharing
  • Helping a good cause
  • Widespread advertising

The reason many companies have previously been cautious to step into this type of marketing is because the results were immeasurable. Now through the many social media tools available it is possible to measure the engagement and response rate from a marketing campaign that is centred around helping a non-profit organisation.

So why not approach your marketing department today and explain that cause marketing leads to positive results for your company, your cause and your customers. I know I will be.

Written by James Hay, Social Media Coordinator at Fasthosts Internet Ltd.

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