Black Friday Frenzy

I’m sure you’ll have found it difficult to ignore the huge numbers of Black Friday emails flooding into your inboxes this morning or the prevalence of adverts in the newspapers and online.

What you might not know is exactly what Black Friday is or how it came to arrive in the UK. November 27th follows the US and Canadian holiday Thanksgiving and was originally named Black Friday when, in 1961, the roads of Philadelphia came to a standstill because of unprecedented volumes of traffic trying to get into the city. Years later, the day became synonymous with retailers moving from the ‘red’ to the ‘black’ and businesses moving back into profit after operating at a loss.

The day is considered one of the busiest shopping days in the US because of shoppers taking advantage of the amazing savings offered by retailers. Benefitting both businesses and consumers it’s long been considered a huge success. Having watched with envy, the UK is now also adopting the trend, special offers and discounts are everywhere, incentivising shoppers to save on their Christmas shopping or even just to treat themselves- and it is almost Christmas, so why not!

You may have seen that we too have some Black Friday Special Offers across our product range. These are only valid for the next 4 days, including Cyber Monday (the online version of Black Friday) so make sure you don’t miss out!

Black friday content

To see full details of these offers please visit our special offers page

We hope you bag a bargain, happy shopping!

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