Augmented Reality – Pushing the boundaries of what was thought achievable.

AR (Augmented Reality) is changing the advertising industry rapidly with some very cool results. Every day there seems to be an exciting new development with this pioneering technology. The days when it appeared that the mind boggling, hi-tech, wizardry of Tom Cruise in Minority Report were just a pipe dream are now fast disappearing. No doubt we will all be impacted by Augmented Reality very soon.

Below are our 3 favourite examples of AR within advertising:

[youtube mUuVvY4c4-A nolink]

[vimeo 16723278 nolink]

[youtube GBKy-hSedg8 nolink]


The developments within Augmented Reality have led to a number of brands and advertising agencies question the legal implications. AR now makes it possible for adverts to appear on your smartphone, laptop and tablet devices as small virtual posters/billboards that are attached to GPS locations. Brands are able to tag their advertisements to the physical world and essentially own the virtual air rights.

It seems likely that within the next 12-24 months companies will monopolise what we see via AR by entering into exclusive deals with AR browsers such as Junaio and Layar. Google Goggles is another example where we could soon see brands scurrying to take advantage of the AR possibilities. Goggles is visual search whereby you can walk down your high street, take a photo of something and Goggles will recognise what it is and bring up data about that object. This gives companies that opportunity to ensure their messages will be shown to consumers at the perfect time and place.

There are a few other interesting ownership, privacy and legal issues that the AR boom could raise. Virtual air space does not need to match the physical air space. Imagine having a McDonald’s billboard in the real world but when looking through an AR browser we see a Burger King billboard. VAR also raises concerns over personal data protection and privacy issues will not doubt be a hot topic over the coming months. If companies start to use AR to make money when someone scans you in real time via their smartphone, should you get commission?

The advertising world is changing rapidly and brands are keen to get on board. The possibilities are exciting and creativity within this technology will continue to push the boundaries of what was thought achievable.

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