5 Great Tools for Work Collaboration

There are lots of exciting new tools being realised aimed at making it easier and quicker to collaborate with your work colleagues not matter what their location. We’ve picked 5 of our favourite tools that will help you share everything from documents to designs. 


Convofy describe themselves as “The Private Social Network for your Company”. This statement is true and the early signs from this new product are very promising. It is very easy to share files, images, links and videos. The Convofy “Portal” page includes everything you would expect such as status updates, micro blogging, news feeds and task lists. It is with collaborating on products that Convofy comes into its own. If you are working on a new design project or document and want feedback instantly from a colleague then you can allow them to view your work in real time as you make updates. Your colleague will be able to highlight areas of the page, add a comment and send you a message directly regarding that particular area. Check out all their other features in the Convofy Preview Video.


Presentation software has not developed much within the last 10 years with Powerpoint remaining the big player in the market. However, Prezi has turned up to spoil the party and with a plethora of new features it could be the future of presentations. Prezi displays your presentation in a much more interactive and interesting way, check out our Businesses Are Cutting Web Design Budgets article for an example of Prezi in action. One of the best features is that multiple people can login to one presentation and edit it at the same time. Prezi is still a little limited in the choice of fonts, colours and layouts but these are simple things to improve. We expect big things from Prezi in the near future.


Sharing your screen with someone could not be simpler thanks to Join.me. If you are working with some colleagues on a new project and need to see each other’s work without leaving the comfort of your armchair you can download Join.me and share your screen instantly. They will be able to see what is on your screen and there is a live chat built in so you can communicate clearly and easily. They also developed and iphone and android app so you can view your colleagues screen on the move.


A web-based collaboration tool that is perfect for any business involved in design, graphics or advertising. ConceptShare describe their product as “ConceptShare allows you to setup secure online workspaces for sharing designs, documents and video and invite others to review, comment and give contextual feedback anytime and anywhere without a meeting.”. This product is similar to Convofy but without the social networking aspect. I would recommend ConceptShare for any businesses whose products are visual such as graphic designers as the feedback options are more in-depth than Convofy.


A great tool for sharing what you see on your monitor. With Jing you can take a picture or make a short video of your computer desktop and share instantly view email, YouTube, Twitter and more. You can also add narration and highlight elements of the image/video by adding a text box, arrow, highlight or rectangle. This tool is useful in lots of work situations such as capturing any pesky bugs in action or to show your colleague how to use your companies new social networking account. 

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