10 Inspirational Branding Examples

10 Inspirational Examples of Branding Design

Every week people come to Fasthosts to get their idea online. For many visitors they are just getting started with their new company and are looking to create a website for their exciting new venture. Here at Fasthosts we understand that a business needs a unique identity and core values that should be consistent through all areas, from business cards to email newsletters.

Within today’s article we’ve brought you ten stunning examples of branding from the Behance network, a leading online platform that showcases creative work.

Mojito Creative Agency

The use of negative space in the logo for Mojito is simple and effective with a colour scheme that stays consistently elegant throughout the branding.

Pop Grub

A fun, New York based, foody community brand. The website is very clean with the white space being used excellently to emphasise the important information.

Mangalica es Tarsai

A beautiful example of branding and the most all-encompassing on our list with everything from the chef’s hat to the coffee cups being expertly designed.


A very professional branding example and one that shows it is not just retail stores that can be effective with their depth of branding.


This example from Eastfield Village offers some great ideas towards a more eco-friendly focussed branding alternative.

EVO fitness

EVO fitness not only use the branding in their website and printed materials but carry the design and colours schemes throughout the gym and office space.

NYC Media Lab

NYC Media Lab shows you how to incorporate branding into the 21st century with iPad integration.

The Flower Company

This branding execution perfectly encapsulates the target audience for this business. Clean, simple and incredibly elegant.


Another great example of branding execution for print, smartphone, website and vehicle graphics consistency.


Above & Below

I have to admit that a tree museum would not normally be a leaflet or website I’d want to read but thanks to the branding execution for Above & Below it is hard not to drool over the magnificent design.

That’s all from us. If you have any of your own suggestions then please let us know in a comment below.

Written by James Hay, Social Media Coordinator at Fasthosts Internet Ltd.

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