10 Excellent Online Marketing Campaigns

When designing a marketing campaign it is important to consider how you can ensure continuity from your offline advertising to your online advertising. We’ve been searching the web for some of the best examples of online marketing campaigns that really showcase how to execute a consistent message.


The Pepsi Refresh project is an amazing example of how effective cause marketing can be. We recently discussed the project in more detail in our Cause Marketing – Coming To An Advertisement Near You! article. They funded ideas that would refresh the world and this Sound of Football project is a great example of this. Pepsi decided to create a new website for this campaign but as you’ll see in the examples below you don’t always need to create a new site to give online continuity to a marketing campaign.


To celebrate 30 years of McDonalds being in Spain they designed this very effective and engaging custom YouTube channel.


NRMA is a car insurance company in Australia and the campaign focussed around the message that is you insure with NRMA anyone is covered when they drive your car. They used Twitter, Facebook, website banners, press, competitions, outdoor advertising, eDM’s, landing pages and press releases to ensure complete consistency in their campaign.

Ferrorama Toy Trains

Ferrorama used a custom website landing page to collect all the content from the offline campaign. This works really well due to the huge amount of content they have from their offline efforts.


Twitter is not often used as the only landing page for a marketing campaign but Tok&Stok have used it to great effect. With a goal of promoting the message that their furniture are really easy to assemble they released complete assembly instructions in just 140 characters (1 tweet).


It’s no secret that online gaming is phenomenally popular at the moment. T-Mobile have taken advantage of this with a computer game, ChuckVille, that is fun but also has subtle company messages in the background.

A clever use of location based apps and a competition with a twist. “The “Bad Weather Vacation”: the very first bad weather competition! A mobile app tracked your position and your current weather conditions by connecting to weather stations. You had to check-in your weather conditions and the worse they were, the better your score. After a month, the person experiencing the worst weather in Germany won a great holiday in the Dominican Republic.”


IKEA wanted to promote their bran values of helping you to organise and store your belongings. They have created this clever little e-Folder set that lets you store your desktop items in a funky furniture graphic.


JetBlue used a simple use of combining check-in technology and Facebook. “Go Places – Earn special offers, TrueBlue points, and exclusive badges for checking into JetBlue terminals on Facebook Places.”


Another good use of Facebook landing pages. “The first-ever vocal status uptades on facebook. To celebrate the first anniversary of the SNCF (French Railways) webradio, the brand has launched “My Vocal Status” on Facebook. You can either record your own voice or use an audio synthesizer (with “male” and “female” voices in both French and English) to post on your or a friend’s wall.

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